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Known as Ellu in Tamil and Nuvvulu in Telugu, Til in Hindi, SESAME Seeds, is highly respected natural ingredient in Indian Medical systems of Ayurveda and Siddha for it’s health benefits and also in Indian Kitchens for its taste, flavor and versatile use. 

Gingelly / Seame oil, often referred to as QUEEN OF OILS is extracted through the traditional cold-press method using "WOODEN CHEKKU ".  This process retains healthy antioxidants that are otherwise damaged when exposed to high pressure extraction  generally used in the process of refined oils.  The sesame seeds are extracted with Palm jaggery to enhance the goodness.



  • Suitable for Healthy Cooking
  • Suitable for oil massage for all age groups
  • Helps to keep your hair healthy
  • Reduces Hypertension
  • Good for Eyes 
  • Assists in digestion
  • Loaded with essential minerals like Managanese, Copper, Iron, Phosporous and Calcium
  • Prevents fungal and bacterials problems in scalp
  • Sesame seeds containe anti-cancer agents
  • Skin care:  Smoothen your skin


NJL Naturals - Sesame /Til Oil - Cold Wood Pressed - Marachekku oil (500ml)

₹270.00 Regular Price
₹210.00Sale Price
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