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About Us


NJL Naturals  is an initiative by group of enthusiasts from Kanyakumari,  (also called as Nanjil ) who want to spread the greatness of traditional Nanjil Nadu food, culture and its natural products. As Kanyakumari is the birth place of ancient medical systems like Varmam and Siddha, some of our recipes have more medicinal values than simple food with reference to the saying “ Unnave Marundu” i.e “ Food is Medicine”.

The Focus of NJL Naturals  is to bring out our traditional and much appreciated cuisines into a ready mix or ready to eat format of food products with the same taste and nutritive values, to meet today’s fast paced lifestyle. Also some of our food products act as a supplement, home remedy and natural treatment for common ailments caused by improper lifestyle, stress and chronic disorders

NJL Naturals gives you access to all our traditional and naturals products and specialty items that reflect South Indian culture through our online shopping experience. NJL naturals Collaborate with experts in the field of Agriculture, Cooking, Varmam and Ayurveda to select the right products and Ingredients.

Every product of NJL Naturals is made with the recipes of  the good olden days. They are carefully homemade and customized in our FSSI  facility to suit current day's  need and to enrich your taste buds. 

NJL Naturals products are made from premium natural ingredients sourced directly from farmers and are processed using traditional methods to maintain its nutrient value. All our food products are lab tested and its nutrient values are displayed on the labels to let you know the per serving details.


We do not use any preservatives. We produce optimal batches to maintain freshness of the stocks and to retain goodness and health benefits

Munthiri Kothu Recipe
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