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Moringa /Murungai  – now considered a superfood across the world is a native Indian plant we’ve been consuming from ancient times. In the barrage of International medicines and supplement options we forgot about this miraculous plant of ours as something ordinary.

Let’s get it back to its glory, let’s respect local foods.

According to Ayurveda and western medicine, Moringa is considered to be

  • High is Iron (9X more Iron than Spinach
  • High in Protein
  • High in Calcium (14X more calcium than milk)
  • High in Fibre (4X more Fibre than Oats)

The taste of the Moringa leaf powder is not for the light hearted, but if cooked well by using our culinary skills or just by adding a few other herbs and spices it can be a lovely addition to our diets.

NJL Naturals brings out this humble and health rich Moringa leaves in the form of Tasty and Instant Soup to be consumed  it as part of your healthy diet.


Quality Moriga leaves are naturally dried ( not complete sun dry) and processed to retain the color and nutritional benefits . NJL Naturals' Instant Moringa Soup Powder is loaded with a generous portion of  all natural Super Spices and ingredients for nutritional benefits and taste

NJL Naturals- Murungai /Morniga Instant Soup ( 100gm)

  • Ingredients

    Natural dried Murungai  Leaves, Toor dal, Coriander seeds, Cummins,  Pepper, Chilli, Curry leaves Dehydrated Tomato, Onion , Ginger, Garlic Powder, Salt ( Moderate

  • Benefits

    Works great with 7 faces of our life, widely known as infancy, childhood, adolescent, teen, intimacy, mid, late & grand.

    Improves potency, and cures Fits and other sorts of Neurotics.

    A special proprietary food in pregnancy times.

    Serves better and best than all other Tonics.

    Strengthens bones and extends active life, cures all the kinds of cervical problems, accidental blood discharge, Cures short sighted and long sighted visionary problems in both children and adults.

  • How to Use

    Mix 1 tsp of NJL Instant Moringa Soup powder with 200 ml of water and add coriander leaves .Boil for 5 min. Filter and add extra salt and pepper as per your taste

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