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NJL Naturals - Cold Wood Pressed Groundnut Oil / Peanut oil  is extracted using wooden churner or Marachekku in a completely hygienic environment and it is packed without any kind of heating or chemical processing. 


This traditional method give a "nutty" flavor for the cooking which make the food delicious and nutritional. Since Groundnut oil has a high boiling temperature its a perfect choice for deep frying and high temperature cooking. Cold wood pressed groundnut oil is highly nutritious and healthy with all the health benefits intact. Contains many essential fatty acids and vitamin.


Why Cold Press oil  ?

  • Low cholesterol

  • Completely free from trans fat

  • Extracted at low temperature

  • Higher Phenolic  and nutrient content

  • Zero adulteration and artificial flavors

  •  Unrefined and clarified naturally keeping nutrients intact


Benefits :


Groundnut oil contains resveratrol which protects from cancer, nervous system diseases, Alzheimer’s etc. Groundnut oil is rich in plant sterols which help in reducing heart attack risk. According to US FDA, intake of food containing plant sterols twice a day reduces heart attack risks Groundnut oil is also high in vitamin E which is also an antioxidant and protects the cells from damage 



NJL Naturals Groundnut /Peanut Oil- Cold Wood Pressed - Marachekku oil (500ml)

₹200.00 Regular Price
₹160.00Sale Price
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