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Sesame Oil – Queen of oils to keep your body and mind healthy

Known as Ellu in Tamil and Nuvvulu in Telugu, Til in Hindi, SESAME Seeds, is highly respected natural ingredient in Indian Medical systems of Ayurveda and Siddha for it’s health benefits and also in Indian Kitchens for its taste, flavor and versatile use. The sesame seed turns out to be the oldest seed oil source, first cultivated by man around 5000 years ago. It's called the queen of oil seeds.

Most common use of Seasme seed is through Oil also called as Sesame oil or Gingelly oil . According to Ayurvedic medicine, sesame oil when applied in the nostrils relieve anxiety and insomnia & when massaged on the head can ease off headaches. The oil is also used as a topical treatment for skin problems, mouthwash, laxatives, aid lactation and to ease menstrual cramps.

Difference between Gingelly oil and Sesame Oil

Call it sesame oil or gingelly oil, this oil extracted from the seeds is a storehouse of various healing properties.

While gingelly oil is in amber colour, sesame oil is pale yellowish in colour, depending on the process of extraction. Sesame oil is extracted from raw sesame seeds through cold pressed process while gingelly is made by using a little higher temperature, giving it a yellowish-orange colour. The other variety is available in dark brown colour, which is extracted from roasted seeds.

Be it amber, dark or pale yellow in colour- these oils improve skin and hair health, strengthen the bones, bring down the stress and are traditionally used for baby massages, thanks to rich amounts of vitamin E and vitamin K.

Benefits of Sesame Oil:

1. Hair Growth:

Nothing nourishes your dull hair instantly like gingelly oil. Regular application of this oil helps in retaining its natural color and minimizes the hair loss. Gingelly oil also possesses anti-bacterial properties that can help eliminate the growth of bacteria and dandruff.

2. Skin Health: