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HORSEGRAM – An Underestimated lentil loaded with enormous health benefits

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Horse gram is considered as a superfood, believed to have numerous medicinal qualities according to the traditional medical systems of siddha and Ayurveda. Horse gram is loaded with dietary fibers and is a rich source of nutrients and contains essential minerals like phosphorous, calcium, protein and iron. For a vegetarian diet, it is the best source of protein with low calories. Horsegram is one key ingredient in south Indian traditional homemade food..

Medicinal benefits

The health benefits of horse gram are described in many traditional medicinal texts.

Weight loss: As prescribed by Ayurveda, it has natural qualities that make it a fat burner.

Common cold and fever: It can treat health issues such as fever, cough and cold, bronchial problems and asthma.

Diabetes: Unprocessed raw horse gram seeds reduce the glycemic index and in turn reduce the insulin resistance. Daily intake of horse gram helps in lowering blood glucose levels.

Glowing skin: The astringent properties of horse gram are helpful in treating skin diseases like leukoderma. It is used in face packs to prevent skin problems and cleanse the skin.

Horse gram is a good remedy for kidney stones because of its diuretic properties.

Culinary uses

Horse gram has versatile use in cuisine as it can be consumed in any convenient form - boiled as whole seed, sprouted, or roasted and powdered.

  • Horse gram dal is eaten as a part of the main course with rice or chapatti.

  • Horse gram soup is a popular winter diet, as it warms the body.

  • It can be sprouted and mixed in salads to increase its nutritional values.

  • Various dishes like kollu sambar, kollu rasam, and kollu sundal are prepared using horse gram.

  • It is roasted and powdered and used as an ingredient in curries, chutney etc.

To reap the benefits of this nutrient-packed food, try our NJL Naturals Horse Gram Instant Soup Powder and traditional NJL Natural IDLI/DOSA/RICE Mix Powder.

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